New function to accelerate firm’s digital agenda

20 November 2019 – International law and tax firm Loyens & Loeff welcomed Julien Cayet as Director of Technology & Innovation. Julien will drive Loyens & Loeff’s digital agenda, starting by identifying quick wins and increasing the firm’s readiness to embrace a much deeper and broader transformation in later years.

Seasoned digital experience

After co-founding a clinical trial start-up, Julien was hired by Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategy consultant for the energy sector. Before joining Loyens & Loeff, he held various corporate roles at Arcadis, a Dutch engineering company listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, the last couple of years as Chief Digital Officer. In that role, he designed and launched several programs to increase process automation and incubate digital solutions for clients.

Challenges and opportunities

Bram Linnartz, Managing Partner: “There is nothing esoteric about a digital transformation. It all comes down to creating value for our clients, shareholders and employees. In short, technology is a means to an end. Not an end in itself. Our clients are and will always be our North Star, pointing us in the right direction. To help us navigate the digital waters, we are very pleased to welcome Julien on board.”

Julien Cayet, Director of Technology & Innovation: “I see both challenges and opportunities for law firms in this digital era. On the one hand, the digital revolution is creating opportunities to offer better, cheaper, faster solutions to clients. On the other hand, this revolution is shaking up the competitive environment, where clients and competitors go digital, and tech-first client-centric start-ups are threatening to disrupt the market. It is my ambition to make sure Loyens & Loeff continues to thrive in this new business context.”