Multidisciplinary team

This publication is the product of a large team. Each contributor is a specialist in the area covered. The purpose of this book is to respond to the increased need for prompt information on various legal and tax aspects of investing in real estate in Belgium. It shows the firm’s continued efforts to invest in knowledge and to share that knowledge.

Navigating European real estate investment

Although the real estate investment is by nature a local investment, European law is taking a predominant place in investment decisions and structuring. We first see Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors increasingly influencing the actions and decisions of real estate investors. On the tax side, Pillar 2 and the minimum taxation level is now a reality and should be taken into account as well. For this reason, we have included a new chapter 1 in this booklet focussed these two main topics. This chapter covers ESG themes and Pillar 2 relevant for the real estate sector. Separate topics, such as local taxation, EPB/EPC certificates and green leases are included in the other relevant chapters of this book.

Overview on investing in real estate in Belgium

Topics covered in the book include the following:

  • European topics relevant for real estate: ESG and Pillar Two
  • Real estate investments: entitlements to real estate and investment vehicles 
  • Real estate taxation 
  • Real estate financing 
  • Real estate management (from permits to leases)
  • Public-private partnerships

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