Paul Visser
Counsel - Attorney at law

Paul Visser

Paul Visser, attorney at law and senior counsel, is a member of the Real Estate practice group and heads the tenancy law section.

About Paul Visser

He specializes in tenancy law for commercial property, real estate transactions, long-term leases, warranties and litigation. He has broad experience in tenancy law matters regarding several large and complex transactions some of which are regarded the largest in the Netherlands. He litigates regularly in real estate law-related matters.

Paul is lecturer on commercial tenancy law at the Grotius Academy. He has lectured in the Real Estate Agent study program and in the Bar Association. He is the chief editor of the Tijdschrift voor Zakenrecht (TvZ) periodical and he is a regular contributor to the Tijdschrift voor Huurrecht Bedrijfsruimte periodical (TvHRB) and has published several articles on commercial property tenancy law and ground lease sale and lease back transactions. He recently published articles concerning long-term lease law, Article 7:226 of the Dutch Civil Code, hire-purchase (huurkoop), the lease-dependent right of superficies and many annotations on Court decisions. He speaks regularly on tenancy law-related subjects at seminars.