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Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate in the Netherlands 2019

For this fifth edition of the booklet Investing in real estate in the Netherlands we have again bundled together the expertise and experience of various Loyens & Loeff attorneys at law, tax advisers and civil law notaries to address real estate investment in the Netherlands.

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Private law, public law and tax aspects of Building in the Netherlands

All kinds of changes are taking place in Dutch construction law. Additionally, the building and project development practice in the Netherlands faces a vast number of significant developments. Interesting trends are the redevelopment of existing buildings and the sustainability of real estate.

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Investment Climate Comparison 2019

Many MNEs base their operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. For instance by means of European or regional headquarters, a shared service centre, a customer care centre, a distribution and logistics centre or a research & development (R&D) facility. But do you know the main characteristics of these countries?

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loyens & loeff employees in amsterdam

Q&A Employment in the Netherlands 2019

In our guidebook – in separate sections for employer and employee – we provide the answers to these and many other questions, grouped per subject, based on our knowledge and years of experience.

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Management and supervisory boards in the Netherlands in brief

This booklet highlights a number of practical topics relevant to both managing directors and supervisory directors. The topics range from adoption of resolutions to division of duties, from appointment to dismissal, form a one-tier management board to representation and from liability to discharge and insurance.

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new eu mandatory disclosure rules for intermediaries

Holding Regimes 2019

We are pleased to present you the 2019 edition of the Loyens & Loeff publication Holding Regimes. It provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant tax aspects of holding regimes in 12 jurisdictions (Belgium, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

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News on cross-border financial services in Belgium post-Brexit

Taxation of cross-border investments in and from CEE countries 2018

It provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant tax aspects of holding regimes in and from CEE countries. Including a comparison with the Loyens & Loeff home jurisdictions: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This publication is realised in close cooperation with top ranked firms in CEE jurisdictions.

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Loyens & Loeff International private clients update 2018-2019

International private clients update 2018-2019

Today’s entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals have an international footprint. The ease in which borders are crossed – to the extent they have not faded – due to all kinds of economic, social and technological developments result in a perspective that is truly international. Staying confined to a single jurisdiction is becoming more and more difficult!

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