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28 January 2020 / news

The Trust Offices (Supervision) Act 2018: one year later

As per 1 January 2019, the Trust Offices (Supervision) Act 2018 entered into force. The new Act has the objective the professionalize the trust sector in the Netherlands and tightens up the standards with which trust offices must comply when providing services.

This Quoted discusses the main changes, including the extended scope of the Act and the more stringent client screening process. We will also examine recent developments, such as the publication of the Factsheet on the new Act and the Dutch Central Bank’s Good Practices on Tax Integrity Risks.

Read more about 'The Trust Offices (Supervision) Act 2018: one year later' below or download the PDF version.

Bank bit CAPMA - Moratorium on disclosure obligations - March 2020

Moratorium on disclosure obligations under the Transparency Law

No supervisory actions against issuers in respect of the upcoming publication deadlines for periodic information. read more

DNB publishes new policy on social propriety for trust offices

Dutch Central Bank has published a policy on social propriety for trust offices which entered into force on 16 January 2020. read more

Go-arrangements (Garantie Ondernemersfinanciering-regeling)

The Dutch government published emergency measures to support Dutch businesses dealing with the effects of COVID-19. read more