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07 July 2020 / article

Structured finance and securitisation in Luxembourg

What does the Luxembourg securitisation market look like? What are the latest developments and structures that have emerged recently? This guide compiles general information on the legal, tax and regulatory frameworks when incorporating securitisation vehicules in Luxembourg.

The priorities of the new Brussels Government - Parking and mobility

Luxembourg has since a long time been at the forefront of the financial markets' and the structured finance's trends and evolutions. Over the years, it grew to become a hub for securitisation and structured finance transactions with one of the world's safest business environment, notably as a result of its financial, political and social stability and innovative approach towards the financial sector.

Issuers and investors in Luxembourg benefit from strong and stable regulatory and tax frameworks, in line with European Union directives and regulations.

This Q&A guide to structured finance and securitisation law in Luxembourg is published in Practical Law by Thomson Reuters.