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Hans Bakker

Visitors address

Fred. Roeskestraat 100
1076 ED Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Hans Bakker

  • Tax adviser
  • Of counsel

Hans Bakker, tax adviser, is a member of the Tax practice group. He specialises in Dutch and international corporate taxation and advises a number of large corporations in the Netherlands. He also specialises in national and international conflict resolution. He focuses on resolving (major) disputes between taxpayer and tax administration, using his past experience and contacts, including those active in politics. He is an active follower of the legislative process.

Hans has been of counsel to Loyens & Loeff (Amsterdam) since 2000. He joined the Dutch Tax (and Customs) Administration in 1974 to become a tax inspector at the Amsterdam Corporate Tax Office and moved to the Ministry of Finance in 1981, lastly working as deputy Director Direct Taxes until May 2000, adviser to the Tax Minister. He was responsible for guiding the Dutch ruling practice. From 1988 to 1994 he was chairman of the Taxhaven Co-ordination Group. He was involved with the revision of the participation exemption and the introduction of the Netherlands Concern Financing Regime in 1996 and involved with two major fiscal state aid cases in 1995-1999. From 1998 until May 2000 he was member of the European Code of Conduct Group (Primarolo group) as a member of the official Netherlands delegation.

Hans is a member of the Loyens & Loeff EU Tax Law group and a member of the IFA.


Tax law and economics, University of Amsterdam, 1974


Dutch, English, German