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Is your question of a legal or tax nature, or both? What are the legal consequences of a particular tax structure and vice versa? More and more companies, financial institutions, governments and individuals are discovering the benefits of customised integrated advice.

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As a leading firm, Loyens & Loeff is the logical choice as a legal and tax partner if you do business in or from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland, our home markets. You can count on personal advice from any of our 900 advisers based in one of our offices in the Benelux and Switzerland or in key financial centres around the world. Thanks to our full-service practice, specific sector experience and thorough understanding of the market, our advisers comprehend exactly what you need.

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BenefitsBit: Hard Brexit: How can employers prepare regarding their UK employees in the Netherlands?

Employment and immigration law
It is uncertain yet whether the European Union and the United Kingdom will reach a Brexit agreement in time. Employers can anticipate the no-deal scenario (a hard Brexit) and ensure that business-critical nationals from the UK (UK employees) can remain or start working in the Netherlands after 29 March 2019. In the event of a hard Brexit, UK employees will need a work permit and residence permit to work in the Netherlands. An application procedure for a work permit and residence permit may last longer than 90 days, so it may be time to take action soon.

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HealthBit: Minister kondigt verbeteringsmaatregelen aan voor zorgcontractering

Op 9 november 2018 heeft de Minister van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (VWS) de Tweede Kamer geïnformeerd over de ontwikkelingen met betrekking tot het contracteerproces zorgverlening. De minister uit zijn ongenoegen over de groei van het aanbod van niet-gecontracteerde zorg bij GGZ-zorg en wijkverpleging waar dat aantoonbaar ondoelmatig is. Dit leidt tot hogere zorgkosten en een oneerlijke verdeling van het beperkt beschikbare zorgpersoneel.

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