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Podcast: Let’s talk legal

In the Loyens & Loeff Switzerland podcast series “Let’s talk legal”, we provide succinct insights into key Swiss legal issues and developments. The conversations provide our insights about new laws, regulations and current legal developments. Don’t miss the latest updates and stay tuned!

Lets Talk Legal Podcast
Corporate Governance I: Modernising company law (1 of 5)
News - 05 May 2021 - Switzerland

Corporate Governance I: Modernising company law (1 of 5)

In these five episodes we talk about the main aspects of the current Swiss corporate law reform.
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Upcoming podcasts

  • Nr. 2 of 5 - Duties of the board of directors: Liquidity supervision and conflicts of interest with Gilles Pitschen and Philipp Ruchti

  • Nr. 4 of 5 - Corporate Governance II: Compensation, gender equality and transparency for listed entities with Gilles Pitschen and Valérie Schrämli
  • Nr. 3 of 5 - Shareholders activism: Minority rights and shareholder suits with Gilles Pitschen and Jana Bieli

  • Nr. 5 of 5 - Changes to share capital: Capital band and interim dividend with Gilles Pitschen and Jamie Lee Mancini