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Latest tax & legal developments for Switzerland

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News - 08 April 2020 - Switzerland

Legal requirements for short-time work in the context of COVID-19

Regarding the conditions that need to be satisfied to be eligible for short-time work, the Swiss Federal Council has introduced certain relaxations.
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News - 07 April 2020 - Switzerland

Our experts in Switzerland

To address all fiscal and legal questions related to the coronavirus outbreak, Loyens & Loeff has set up dedicated expert teams for each home market.
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Article - 07 April 2020 - Global

7 April 2020 update on the EU responses to COVID-19 crisis

In this EUTA Special edition we provide an overview of the most important tax measures announced last week by the European Commission.
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News - 06 April 2020 - Switzerland

Switzerland: Legal considerations relating to the COVID-19

This article aims to highlight the most important points in this context and to clarify legal issues in the elaboration of possible courses of action.
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How to structure a joint venture in real estate?
Deal - 03 April 2020 - Switzerland

Loyens & Loeff advised Karo Pharma AB

Loyens & Loeff advised Karo Pharma AB on Swiss aspects of the acquisition of all shares in Hygis SA.
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News - 31 March 2020 - Switzerland

Switzerland - Private Equity and Deal-Making in Times of COVID-19

An overview of certain ToDos for private equity firms in this extraordinary time.
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Article - 31 March 2020 - Switzerland

Granting loans with a guarantee of the federal government

With support from the Swiss Confederation, recognised guarantee (B├╝rgschaftsorganisationen) can provide guarantees for bank loans.
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News - 30 March 2020 - Global

Update on the EU responses to COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting hundreds of thousands of people and is leading, all over the world, to far-reaching health and safety measures.
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Article - 27 March 2020 - Switzerland

Real estate gains tax: deduction of losses in an inter-cantonal context

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court provides that an investment fund, which is not subject to corporate income tax and makes losses by selling real estate in another...
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Tax challenges posed in connection with the novel coronavirus: permanent establishment
News - 23 March 2020 - Switzerland

Two tax challenges of the novel coronavirus: permanent establishment and tax residency

With a large number of workers being asked to work from home due to the partial lockdown initiated in Switzerland, in-house tax teams may be faced with various...
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