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10 January 2022 / news

Recommendations to mitigate directors’ liability in Belgian companies in financial distress

When a company faces financial distress that threatens its continuity, its directors must be vigilant about exercising their fiduciary duties. The potential for liability is heightened when a company is in financial distress. Board decisions may be scrutinised by third parties considering suing directors, and some legal provisions may even attach personal liability to directors in cases of bankruptcy.


We have listed below some high level and practical recommendations to the directors of a Belgian company in financial distress. Bear in mind that by ‘directors’, we mean not only the individuals that are formally appointed as director (either in person or via a management company), but also de facto directors being any person that has actual decision-making powers with respect to the Belgian company, through a formal mandate or otherwise. Please note that the risk assessment and adequate measures depend in large part on the factual circumstances surrounding the company and should be assessed carefully.

In a previous article we highlighted directors’ duties and liabilities in Belgium, within the context of COVID-19.

Regarding a director’s criminal liability risk, you can read more about the blind spot of directors' criminal liability as participants in offences committed by or within the company  here.

The non-performing loans directive is now live.

On 24 November 2021, the European Parliament approved Directive 2021/2167 which addresses high levels of non-performing loans held by banks in the EU read more

Loyens & Loeff congratulates Balta Group with the sale of its Rugs, Residential PP and Non-Woven businesses to Victoria

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EU Crowdfunding Regulation: applicable from 10 November

EU Crowdfunding Regulation: applicable from 10 November

The Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers for Business, which shall enable crowdfunding platforms to offer their services across the EU, becomes... read more
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