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International Trade

International Trade raises significant challenges for many industry sectors. This comes as no surprise, considering the large (and growing) variety of goods, services and technologies subject to regulatory requirements, the ever increasing complexity of national, European and international regulations as well as a recent focus on enforcement measures in certain jurisdictions.

Cross-border workers: COVID-19 agreements extended
News - 09 September 2020 - Belgium

Cross-border workers: COVID-19 agreements extended

Belgium has concluded agreements with Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on the tax impact of international travel restrictions and health instructions...
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Corona raises various tax questions
News - 04 September 2020 - Belgium

Coronavirus raises various tax questions in Belgium

The rapid spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) leads to far-reaching measures at home and abroad.
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Person holding a pen with calculator and glasses on the table
News - 27 July 2020 - Belgium

Partial exemption from payment of payroll taxes (COVID-19 measure) not yet applicable

Following the Bill of June 25, 2020, the new system of (partial) exemption from payment of withheld payroll taxes to the Belgian Treasury has now passed into...
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man signing contract
News - 02 July 2020 - Belgium

COVID-19 measure: Partial exemption from payment of payroll taxes

A Bill of 25 June 2020 aims to introduce a new system of (partial) exemption from payment to the Belgian Treasury of withheld payroll taxes, in order to provide...
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Holding Regimes in a New Era - 2020 edition

Holding Regimes in a New Era - 2020 edition

Integrated and skilled team

Our Team offers a unique expertise, guaranteed by its full integration at the Benelux level. The Team addresses questions of Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg national law, but also of European and international law. Our Team includes experienced tax and customs lawyers, former customs officers, and also experts with a thorough academic background. 

Prevent and cure

Our Team can guide you in your successful projects and assist in developing your business in a fully compliant way. But we can also assist you in identifying and handling possible breaches of the law in order to mitigate any adverse impact on your business as much as possible.

How we can help you

Our Team offers a wide range of services and for instance: Advice related to specific transactions (incl. due diligence), R&D, voluntary disclosures, in-house investigations, compliance assessments; Export classification and application for licenses; Bespoke International Compliance Programmes; Excellent contacts with local authorities and Regulators; Training and Litigation.

We have developed a specific expertise in a series of sectors: eg, food & beverages, defence, automotive, financial services, chemicals, artificial intelligence, etc.
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