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Digital Economy

Digital Economy

Digital transformation is all about using the latest technology to improve your business model. Digital technology creates new business opportunities which in turn creates a whole new range of tax and legal challenges such as contracting, data protection, privacy questions, intellectual property, consumer protection and competition issues.

The speed at which digital technology has become an integral part of our daily lives has overtaken most legislative processes. In recent years, the European Union, Member-States and international legislative bodies have therefore increased their regulatory efforts.

How we can help

We provide strategic advice at any transactional stage with authorities in cases that include both administrative and private law components such as environmental law, spatial developments, construction & energy, capacity, public procurement, competitive tendering, publicly-owned assets, permits, budget law and freedom of information.

Our team has strong transactional expertise and offers litigation support in all these different areas. It is important to us that our clients are well-informed and kept up-to-date on key developments through newsletters, publications and seminars.

We provide advice, support and can conduct proceedings in areas of both general and specific administrative law:

  • Subsidies for businesses and institutions (including objections and appeals);
  • Proceedings against acts and regulations (e.g. pharmaceutical and food industries);
  • Enforcement activities against businesses from regulators (e.g. environmental, licensing and construction laws);
  • Obtaining approvals and permits to undertake specific activities;
  • Offering urgent assistance to enterprises in case of incidents or accidents (e.g. in the area of environmental law), where there is a threat of administrative or even criminal enforcement (whether or not together with our specialists from corporate investigations);
  • Managing international sanctions in commerce; and
  • Compensation for damage caused by an official body due to lawful acts.
Our team supports with all public and private legal issues relating to spatial planning law, nature & environmental law, energy, spatial planning and project development.
Our lawyers assist with all interactions between private and public law. The team works collaboratively with colleagues and specialists across the firm in civil procedural law, energy, real estate.
We work in partnership with our clients to assist them in reaching their goals and pride ourselves in giving strategic, concise and pragmatic advice on leading project financing and PPP projects.
Providing you with strategic advice and transactional support as well as assistance with procurement disputes.