How we can help

Our team has extensive  expert experience in dawn raid procedures and will work with you to protect your rights throughout. The dawn raid services we offer are:

  • Ensuring that the inspection remains within the legal scope;
  • Settling on agreements with the officials;
  • Working closely with your IT specialist on digital investigations;
  • Preparing your employees for interrogations;
  • Advice on follow-up arrangements with the competition authority in relation to the remainder of the investigation; and
  • Advice on important next steps for the company.

Large and medium-sized companies often encounter competition law and other types of governmental regulation in many aspects of their business. To succeed in the modern world, companies need to navi

The processing and transferring of personal data in a secure and lawful manner, has become extremely important and challenging for businesses globally.
Step-by-step guide to deal with a dawn raid

Appoint a designated key individual(s) within your company to manage dawn raids, should they ever occur. As soon as the officials arrive, this/these person(s) must be contacted to oversee these steps:

  1. Immediately contact external lawyers.
  2. Ensure the officials remain accompanied at all times. Any questions should only be answered in the presence of a lawyer or in-house counsel.
  3. Ask the officials to wait until the lawyer/s has/have arrived, but do not obstruct the investigation.
  4. Verify and record the officials’ identifications (names & ID numbers) and their time of arrival.
  5. Accompany the officials to an empty conference room (one without files or computers).
  6. Confirm the reasons for the investigation and whether the company is required to comply.
  7. Contact your IT experts and clarify what information is available on-site.
  8. When the lawyer/s arrive, provide a full report on everything that has happened up until that point.
  9. Ask for a copy of all documents gathered by the officials during the dawn raid.
What investigative powers can be used?

During a dawn raid, officials from any of the authorities listed above can exercise the following investigative powers:

  • Enter any business premises, grounds or means of transport without prior consent.
  • Conduct interviews and ask questions (the presence of (a) lawyer/s is always advised in such circumstances).
  • Examine business records that fall within the scope of the investigation.
  • Examine formal and informal documents (including emails, notes, minutes, agendas, phone records, social media accounts and text messages).
  • Ask for access to physical filing cabinets and desk drawers.
  • Take copies or extracts from physical and digital records.
  • Seal access to conference rooms or other areas or equipment (breaking or otherwise interfering with official seals, by any person, can result in substantial fines).