Lo­cal ex­per­tise

Our multidisciplinary team of tax lawyers, specialised in direct and indirect taxes, and corporate lawyers, focused on M&A, banking, and finance has a specific geographical focus on Canada. Our team has extensive experience in the Canadian market as well as in international tax law and corporate restructuring, and prides itself for keeping up to date on all recent market or legal developments.

In­vest­ment spe­cial­ists

Companies operating in Canada traditionally invest in pension plans, institutional investment funds and private equity across industries like energy, pharma, chemicals, petrochemicals, agriculture, transportation, mining, financials and tech. Our legal and tax advisers have intimate knowledge of all these industries, allowing to provide in-depth analysis and comprehensive support to our clients.

Proven track record

A wide variety of Canada-based clients investing in the Benelux and Switzerland frequently depends on our expert legal, tax and market insights. We also have years of experience working with international clients exploring the Canadian market for (expanding their) investments.