Budget Day puts forward new and revised tax packages. Would you like to know how these fiscal rules in the Netherlands will impact you, your clients or your business in 2025? On this page our legal and tax experts provide compelling insights in the lead up to Budget Day and their initial analysis directly after the budget plan is presented.

How we can help

The 2024 Budget Day proposals may have significant legal and tax implications. By uniquely integrating tax, civil law and notarial expertise, our professionals help you navigate the complexities of new fiscal policy coming into effect.

Related to Budget Day we can support you on a range of topics. On the right, click on the expertise relevant to you to find out more.

Do you own a family business? Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe a high net worth individual?
We offer integrated services, in collaboration with both our attorneys-at-law and civil-law notaries.
Tax compliance is about more than submitting an accurate tax return on time.
Effectively managing your indirect tax position and remaining competitive while avoiding risks.
With integrated knowledge, tailored to our clients’ needs, our dedicated team will ensure a successful outcome of any type of real estate project.
Using a unique integrated and solution-driven approach, we help guide you through these issues. We cover the full spectrum of employment law - pension law, social security and employment taxes.
With an integrated approach that sets us apart in the market, we offer our clients a unique combination of legal, tax and regulatory advice.