How we can help

Companies doing business in the European Union should be cognisant of potential state aid risks. There are numerous challenges for you to consider, including:

  • Do any agreements or arrangements with public authorities or public companies of an EU Member State pose a state aid risk? 
  • How do you respond to the auditor if asked whether your group is exposed to state aid risks?
  • Do you need to take measures to identify, quantify, control or reduce risks from previous years, and what are the consequences of these measures for you?
  • If a state aid risk exists, what must be disclosed in your financial statements?
  • How can you prepare for a state aid investigation?

While advising your company on state aid matters, which regularly also involves transfer pricing or other tax-related issues, we pull together our competition law experts and tax/transfer pricing specialists to best service your requirements.

Additionally, we advise and assist with the following services:

  • Analysis of potential state aid risks in the context of agreements with public authorities and entities, and manners in which to mitigate these risks.
  • Representation in state aid cases before the European Commission, the European Court of Justice and national courts.
  • Discussions with in-house stakeholders and audit firms on potential provisions and disclosures in the annual accounts (FIN48 memos, etc.).
  • Participation in board meetings and supervisory board meetings addressing this topic.

Large and medium-sized companies often encounter competition law and other types of governmental regulation in many aspects of their business. To succeed in the modern world, companies need to navi

Organisations operating in Europe must keep abreast of EU tax law developments. Our team monitors developments and keeps you informed.
The effects of a cartel claim can be far-reaching. Cartel damages actions are large and complex. Seeking legal assistance at an early stage is vital.
Today, transfer pricing is one of the main tax issues faced by groups. Whether your business is a high-growth start-up or an established multinational, you need to comply with transfer pricing rules.
Our team will guide you through the entire procurement process, from assisting with tender procedures to creating successful collaborations between your company and other organisations or businesses.