Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is part of the Digital Economy and continues to be newsworthy. Blockchain and/or DLT technology will revolutionise a wide range of sectors particularly those involving intermediaries – from finance to law, insurance, real estate, healthcare, logistics, media and the public sector. As a result, almost every type of organisation will find that this technology will impact their business in some way, together with the markets  they operate within.


Our team also focuses on assisting FinTech players to bring digital innovation to the financial services industry. Our clients range from vested players in the financial markets looking for FinTech solutions, to scalable FinTech startups, as well as new players in the financial markets such as big tech companies.

With international presence, experience with innovative technology and entrepreneurial spirit, our multi-disciplinary team provides the legal assistance a FinTech player requires in today’s FinTech landscape.

New Cybersecurity Strategy

The European Union (EU) introduced a new Cybersecurity Strategy towards the close of 2020, underlining the importance of robust national cybersecurity oversight bodies and fostering collaboration among EU Member States. The NIS2 Directive is designed to establish a unified standard of cybersecurity throughout the EU, specifically for entities classified as important and essential. Concurrently, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) introduces cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions operating in the ICT sector. Additionally, there are other legislative proposals on the horizon, such as the Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER), the Cyber Resilience Act and proposed amendments to the Cybersecurity Act. These initiatives aim to bolster cybersecurity measures for digital products and reinforce the role of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

Considering the substantial obligations and extensive consequences associated with these regulations, it is imperative for businesses to proactively acquaint themselves with their cybersecurity responsibilities.


Digital Economy Platforms

The podcast discusses the place platform workers occupy in the digital economy, which rights and obligations they have, and which challenges they and the platforms they work for are facing from a civi

How we can help

Our digital technology know how combined with in-depth knowledge of the most recent legal and tax developments in the European Union, provide you with a team of experts with a thorough understanding of the impact of new regulations on your business. We have a dedicated and multi-disciplinary Digital Economy team whose expertise covers:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Cloud Sourcing;
  • EHealth;
  • Gaming and gambling industry;
  • InsureTech;
  • Platforms / web services;
  • Robotics;
  • IoT (Internet of Things);
  • Metaverse;
  • Big Tech;
  • Blockchain industry; and
  • Fintech

You can rely on our team for pragmatic, integrated legal and tax advice that will fully align with your business interests. In addition, we have  excellent working relationships with other leading independent law firms and tax consultants in different jurisdictions, guaranteeing you global top-level advice.


 Preparing and negotiating contracts for:

  • software development;
  • technological development;
  • access to platforms / web services;
  • essential technology;
  • procurement;
  • delivery of IT and digital services and products; and
  • protecting IP rights in the digital economy.

Offering tailored advice on all regulatory topics, investigations by competent authorities and governmental bodies, providing assistance in any related disputes, and representation in court proceedings.

Our experts have extensive litigation experience in all fields of the digital economy, including follow-on civil damages actions and class actions.

Our tax specialists have a long track record of advising the Technology and Digital Economy sectors. We are a first-class tax firm that covers all tax areas and provides assistance/advice on matters such as:

  • setting tax strategy;
  • assisting in tax controversy and litigation;
  • tax guidance in (re)structuring;
  • M&A;
  • taking care of tax compliance and reporting; and
  • tracking and implementing relevant tax changes in business settings.

Assisting our clients with the following:

  • realising their business models in a lawful manner;
  • flag privacy issues proactively;
  • advise on risks and concerns, and;
  • keep our clients abreast of relevant developments.
Financing solutions are multiplying and the legal implications relating to financial products are becoming more complex.

Large and medium-sized companies often encounter competition law and other types of governmental regulation in many aspects of their business. To succeed in the modern world, companies need to navi

The processing and transferring of personal data in a secure and lawful manner, has become extremely important and challenging for businesses globally.
Politically it is clear that both the EU and other jurisdictions wants to levy more tax from ‘digital companies’. Technically, the current international tax framework does not facilitate this. Fundamental changes seem to be required to achieve the po
Our litigation teams focus on the most appropriate form of dispute resolution, in and outside of court, from arbitration to mediation. Always looking for the best possible outcome.

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"We think they are excellent, they truly exploit the expertise in their team as a whole. It is particularly encouraging to see the team handing junior partners responsibility."
Chambers & Partners FinTech (2022)
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"The team is really proactive, and knowledgeable on tax practices and VAT blockchain funds."
Chambers & Partners FinTech (2022)
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