The e-mail address used to send the e-mail resembles that of Loyens & Loeff (for example, There could be other examples, but the fake email address usually ends with:

These e-mails are fake and we are not involved in any way.

We will only e-mail you through the usual sources from e-mail addresses ending with We request you to remain cautious and vigilant when receiving e-mails requesting you to transfer money or provide data, and to always verify that e-mails have been sent from our domain. 

For the avoidance of doubt: our systems have not been breached in any way, nor have there been any data leaks. 

If you receive any e-mails spoofing our addresses or e-mails that otherwise raise suspicion, or have any other questions, please contact your regular contact person at Loyens & Loeff, preferably by phone, or through the usual e-mail address. 

We are currently working together with our IT and security partners to ensure that these domains are taken down.