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Our FinTech team focuses on assisting FinTech players bringing digital innovation to the financial services industry. Our clients range from vested players on the financial markets looking for FinTech solutions to scalable FinTech startups, but also new players on the financial markets such as big tech companies.

Assisting FinTech players

Finding answers to questions and assisting in relation to license requirements, client documentation, marketing disclaimers, data privacy and tax aspects developing or using FinTech solutions is at the very heart of our FinTech team. We have ample experience with providing legal assistance for numerous FinTech applications such as online lending applications, trading platforms, crypto-fund structures, innovative payment solutions, investments in cryptocurrencies and ICO/ITO activities, fund raising platforms and asset management solutions.

What sets our FinTech Team apart

What sets our FinTech team apart is that we are a multi-disciplinary team in every sense of the word. We have the ability to see FinTech challenges from different perspectives by combining our expertise on financial laws and regulations, data protection and privacy, IT law and smart contracts, digital competition, capital markets, tax and corporate advisory. We can in addition leverage our international expertise through assistance from our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The latter offering a true FinTech hotspot for ICOs in Zug.

Considering our multi-disciplinary team, international presence, experience with innovative technology and entrepreneurial spirit we can provide the legal assistance a FinTech player needs in today’s FinTech landscape.

We are also working closely to the Fintech market via various working groups. Our Fintech team is, inter alia, part of the DLT working group of the Luxembourg Banking Association (ABBL) and the discussion group lead by the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies (LHoFT) regarding the legal framework of ICOs.

Experience with innovative technology applications

Our FinTech team is experienced with innovative technology applications due to collaboration with the dedicated Blockchain team within Loyens & Loeff. Last but not least, our open and entrepreneurial culture fits well with the dynamic FinTech sector. We understand the challenges of establishing a new business and can closely relate to the challenges our clients are faced with.

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Loyens & Loeff reikt Legal Tech Challenge Award uit

Loyens & Loeff heeft de Legal Tech Challenge Award 2018 ter waarde van € 1.000 uitgereikt aan de ontwerpers van chatbot ‘Laurel’.
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Webinar: Het gebruik van voorwaarden in commerciële contracten

Op 6 november 2020 verzorgen Barbara Elion en Rob Schrooten een webinar over het gebruik van opschortende voorwaarden
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What others say about us

Legal 500

"Fantastic, we are extremely happy with them. They have partners that are globally recognised experts in asset-based lending." (2020)

"We work with them mainly on international collaborations - their reach in Singapore is useful to us." (2020)