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30 June 2021 / news

Smart subscription tool for onboarding investors

The onboarding process of investment funds can be complex and frustrating for investors. With our smart subscription tool we offer investors a digital solution to guide them step-by-step throughout the entire onboarding process.

Smart Subscription Tool

The investor onboarding process

Traditionally, investors of investment funds are required to complete complex and extensive subscription agreements to complete their onboarding process. These documents are often not tailor made, and usually contain many questions, technical terms and ‘legalese’, with which these investors are not always familiar. On top of that, investors are asked to submit various KYC/AML documents.

This can make the onboarding process complex and sometimes frustrating for investors. It is often unclear what information they need to provide, which leaves room for errors and irregularities. With our smart subscription tool, we aim to offer investors a digital solution for this problem.

How the tool works

  • In a secure environment, we guide investors step-by-step throughout the onboarding process.
  • Each step offers a clear explanation of which information needs to be provided.
  • In addition, the tool offers a secure environment to upload the required KYC documents.
  • Once completed the tool automatically generates a filled-out subscription agreement which investors directly receive in their inbox.
  • All that is left is sign and upload the subscription agreement.

Our digital tool saves investors valuable time and minimizes hassle

                                              - Vilmar Feenstra, Partner Loyens & Loeff - Investment Management

Technology & Innovation

To keep up with the worlds' pace of change organisations need innovative, entrepreneurial approaches to ensure success. At Loyens & Loeff we continually fine-tune our skillset and invest in new, state-of-the-art legal and tax technologies. By leveraging the latest technology we are able to serve you in better, more efficient and futureproof ways.

Our digital solutions range from automated drafting, artificial intelligence applied to due diligence document review, transaction workflow automation, to legal analytics. Read more here

Get in contact

If you have any questions about our new smart subscription tool or would like to discuss opportunities, please feel free to reach out to Vilmar Feenstra or Sebastiaan Verkerk, or directly request a demo of the tool here.

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