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30 January 2018 / press release

Loyens & Loeff joins corporate campaign ‘Zuidas against food waste’

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 30 January 2018 - Seven large corporates and their caterers in the Zuidas business district have joined a project to combat food waste. Together with Green Business Club Zuidas and Wastewatchers, they’ll spend six months monitoring the volume of food wasted at their banqueting lunches. The information obtained will be used to adjust the offering, substantially cutting down on waste.

What are the corporate incentives for start-ups?

As well as Loyens & Loeff/Eurest, the other organisations taking part in the initiative are ABN AMRO/Vermaat, Accenture/ISS, Lexence/Vitam, RAI Amsterdam/RAI, Van Doorne/Albron and Zuidas (City of Amsterdam)/WeCanteen.                       

No-waste banqueting

‘Banqueting’ (catered lunches for meetings and similar events) is particularly notorious for food wastage. No-shows, the desire to make a good impression on guests and lack of flexibility in adjusting quantities are all contributing factors. Wastewatchers and GBC Zuidas want to tackle this form of food wastage, where they believe considerable improvements can be made. The new tool devised by Wastewatchers allows caterers to put together a more specifically tailored offering for banqueting events and hence avoid considerable food wastage.

How it works

The Wastewatchers tool monitors and analyses the food wasted by companies and caterers. It uses a simple approach, literally counting any food not eaten while taking into account a range of variables, from the weather to the day of the week. By analysing this data, banquet organisers can identify when it is best to offer which products, i.e. match supply more closely to demand.

Food wastage during banqueting lunches will be monitored by the project participants for the next six months. This data will then be analysed and the first concrete recommendations made after three months. At the end of the six-month period, a further analysis will be performed to see what effect the recommendations have had.

The results will be published in a Wastewatchers magazine and posted on the Green Business Club Zuidas website.