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22 April 2016 / press release

Change in Loyens & Loeff Executive Board

Marieke Bakker and Gert-Wim van de Meent join the Executive Board.

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Amsterdam, 22 April 2016 – Loyens & Loeff, lawyers, tax advisers and civil law notaries, announces that during the GMS yesterday the partners have agreed upon the appointment of Marieke Bakker and Gert Wim van de Meent as members of the Executive Board, for a term of two years. Willem Jarigsma was reappointed as Managing Partner for a second term of two years. Fred van der Leije did not stand for reappointment.

Willem Jarigsma: “Two years ago, when we first started as the new Executive Board, we mapped out the changes that were required for our firm to meet our clients’ changing demands. Next, we implemented the first changes on the basis of those insights. For example, we grew internationally by adding Switzerland as a new home market, and we are now working with office-wide practice groups and sector teams from our four home markets. With the new Executive Board, the focus for the coming years will be on further expansion of our integrated services and innovations.”

Marieke Bakker explains: “The strength of Loyens & Loeff lies in the integrated services of lawyers, tax advisers and notaries. Since the merger in 2000, our firm has developed tremendously. We are now seeing that our clients’ world is changing more and more rapidly, because of technological developments. That is why we must keep making stronger connections with our clients, in order to really understand these changes and to offer distinctive solutions. It is an honour to work on that together.”

Marieke Bakker (1974), tax adviser, has been leading the Zurich office for the past four years. She also taught at the universities of Zurich and Lausanne, and was a lecturer on mergers and divisions for the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.

Gert Wim van de Meent (1964) has been the leader of the Competition & Regulatory practice group, and the Healthcare sector team. In addition, he holds the position of endowed professor at the University of Amsterdam.

Composition of the Board

With the appointment of Marieke Bakker and Gert Wim van de Meent, Loyens & Loeff announces the rotation of executive members of the Board, which consists of eight people in total. Loyens & Loeff has a one-tier board, consisting of executive and non-executive board members.