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16 September 2020 / news

Chambers & Partners: Netherlands Private Wealth Guide 2020 now online!

Understanding local tax and legal aspects is essential in order to contribute to the long-term success of your family-owned business and to preserve your family wealth for future generations. Read the Chambers & Partners Private Wealth guide 2020 to gain valuable and actionable insights.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is heavily impacting our economy, the demand for transparency and oversight is increasing, estate and trust litigation is rising, and political risks are evolving, it is now more than ever the time to be up-to-date on legislations and policies that are applicable to you, your family and your family-business.

Our tax and legal experts have contributed to the Netherlands chapter of the Chambers & Partners Private Wealth Guide covering all aspects of legal and tax regulations applicable to wealth management in the jurisdiction including: tax, succession, trusts and foundations, family business planning, wealth disputes, fiduciaries, citizenship and charitable planning.

If you have any questions regarding this publication or if you would like to have integrated legal and tax advice on a specific matter, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts via the contact details below.
Read the full publication here.

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