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09 December 2020 / event

Webinar on legal aspects of scaling up your business and attracting external funding

If you are an entrepreneur in the life sciences, pharma or healthcare industry and you aim to attract external funding to develop and grow your business or you are ready for the next investment round to further expand your business, then the replay of the recorded webinar might be interesting for you.

Dries and Gilles, members of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Team of Loyens & Loeff (Healthcare & Life Sciences | Loyens & Loeff) conducted a webinar on legal aspects of scaling up your business and attracting external funding on 9 December 2021.

The webinar provided answers to the most pressing legal questions on dealing with venture capital funds and other external investors in your company. Our experts guided through the process of doing a VC transaction and provided an overview of the key legal aspects to take into account when it comes to negotiating with potential investors. They talked about anti-dilution protection (full ratchet, weighted average), milestones, liquidation preference, corporate governance etc., to be well prepared for your next investment round.

Click here to download the pdf-version of the presenation or read it below.

In case you could not attend the live session or if you need a refresher, you can have a look at the replay of the recorded webinar here.

Should you require any assistance from a corporate or regulatory perspective, or do you wish to discuss this webinar in more detail? Please feel free to contact Gilles Pitschen or Dries Fransen van de Putte via the contact details below.