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Port & Logistics

There is no doubt how important the seaports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp are to the economies of the Netherlands and Belgium and how influential they are in the logistical process governing the transit and storage of goods. Fully realising this importance and in order to offer you in-depth knowledge and tailored advice, we created a specialist Port & Logistics Team to stay up to speed on all areas of the industry.

As part of the Port & Logistics Team, the Shipping & Offshore Team focuses specifically on providing you with advice on transactions, cross-border activities and other operational aspects affecting your business activities.

Our strategically located offices give us a prominent position in the key ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp

Strategic presence

Our strategically located offices give us a prominent position in the key ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Our expert team works with large and medium-sized businesses, as well as national and local authorities operating in the sector. We have a strong working relationship with shipping companies, offshore industries, shipbuilders and engineers, ship brokers, storage and transshipment firms, petrochemical companies, port authorities, port operators, and logistical service providers.

All-encompassing support

Fully understanding the depth and breadth of your legal and tax challenges, allows us to offer you detailed and tailored advice. Relying on years of extensive experience in high-profile projects and transactions across all port-related activities, enables us to advise you a on all matters across the sector:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnership agreements;
  • Aspects of competition law;
  • State aid;
  • Environmental, safety and regulatory law;
  • Distribution, agency and logistical service agreements;
  • Ship finance;
  • Maritime and other employment law, and social security law;
  • Execution of share transfer and property deeds;
  • Land and leasehold transactions;
  • VAT, customs and transfer tax;
  • Application of tonnage tax schemes;
  • Payroll tax allowances for maritime personnel;
  • Tax liability of maritime ports;
  • Energy tax.

Sharp & pragmatic

Port and logistics challenges often require cross-discipline scrutiny. Our team brings together the necessary expertise, drawing on the specialised knowledge and experience of our attorneys, notaries and tax specialists. To ensure solutions that match your unique situation, we pride ourselves on our short lines of communication, sharp focus and pragmatic approach.

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