Dedicated team

Given the potential impact of non-compliance allegations on you or your business, Loyens & Loeff has set up a dedicated team of specialists from our home markets, widely recognised by clients and peers for their expertise. You can count on us for advice on various topics of financial en economic criminal law, among other:

  • anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering legislation;
  • (tax) fraud and white-collar crime;
  • cybercrime;
  • procurement law;
  • environmental criminal law;
  • criminal liability for workplace accidents; and
  • liability for many other economic and criminal offences.

Besides advising and representing companies and its (senior) management when confronted with allegations of breaching applicable laws and regulations, we advise and represent companies that have become victim of breaches of law.

Integrated advice

To adequately address your questions, we will put together a team with all the required expertise: from tax and litigation, to competition law and employment law, or more. As part of a large law and tax firm, we can easily scale up if needed which helps us to work fast and efficiently. For example, for internal investigations for our clients, we can rely on our internal legal forensic analysts. In short, our multidisciplinary approach guarantees you truly integrated advice.

Extensive experience

Rely on our extensive experience with all kinds of fraud and white-collar crime litigations, to offer you the best advice possible. We have advised and represented companies and their (senior) management who were confronted with allegations of violating applicable laws and regulations, as well as companies that have fallen victim to legal violations, for example if one of their employees or business associates defrauded the company.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Because of the sensitive nature of the cases we work on, we believe confidentiality is key. That is why we never disclose any detailed information about our client work.

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