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Employment Tax and Social Security

Evaluating your workforce overall cost is not so easy nowadays. With businesses all around the world, differences of status for residents’, non-residents’ or EU officials’ and a more complex regulatory and tax environment, fund managers are confronted with unique tax situations to deal with. We are here to help you setting up your tax strategy to mitigate risks.

Executive remuneration review 2020 - logo guide

In-depth review of the remuneration of Executives in Luxembourg

Master your employment tax costs

How do you evaluate your tax liability due at the year-end? Entities’ management has to deal with a tremendous amount of data. Finding optimal solutions and set a proper planning is why we combine the expertise of our tax and employment law specialists, who will advise on the right course of actions to reduce your tax costs.

Define an efficient tax position

Potential double taxation, wage policy, social or stock option plans, bonus schemes… These are tax implications to consider when it comes to make strategic choices to avoid compliance issues. Our team is well positioned to conduct thorough analyses of your tax situation and develop the right procedures and policies to control both your benefit schemes and costs.

Dealing with all your tax issues

Defining a clear tax position is key to limit exposure to tax liability. Our team will help you comply with the Luxembourg and international taxation systems by assisting with:

  • Internal process reviews
  • Liaise with tax authorities
  • Salary structures, remuneration packages, splits and tax calculations
  • Social security and pensions
  • Bonus scheme and stock option plans
  • (Personal) tax planning
  • Personal income tax returns