White-Collar Crime

White-collar crime is increasing. Cybercriminals are becoming more professional, and their attacks, like CEO fraud, are more effective. As a company or individual confronted with these activities, you can seek immediate assistance in strict confidentiality. Our lawyers will defend your interests.

Handling various types of frauds

As a company or high-net-worth individual, you may face various types of criminal proceedings: money-laundering, mis-allocation of funds, market abuse, corruption, tax frauds, cyber-crime or accounting fraud. We have the relevant experience to assist you with proceedings related to every type of white-collar crime. 

Scope of our intervention

For matters arising from white-collar crime, you require assistance at every stage of the proceedings: when your realise you have been defrauded or in the case of unannounced investigations, during hearings and after a judgement has been delivered (i.e. for appeal proceedings). Our lawyers can help you throughout the proceedings.   

Benefiting from a full-service law firm

White-collar crime and criminal law are at the crossroads of other disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary team is working closely with our other departments on the more specific or technical questions that may arise, for instance in the case of tax fraud.