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Restructuring & Insolvency

My Luxembourg debtor has been declared bankrupt, will I be repaid? My company is experiencing financial difficulties, what are my options? What are the consequences of insolvency and restructuring for both creditors and debtors?

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Partnering with creditors

One of your debtors is declared bankrupt and you need options for the next steps? Together with our banking colleagues, we will assess the validity and strength of your securities and evaluate your position in the creditors' pool, in order to provide the most accurate advice.

Helping companies in financial difficulties

Your company is encountering financial difficulties and you are unable to repay your debts? We can help you assess the gravity of your company’s situation and analyse your options. If filing for bankruptcy is inevitable, we can assist you with the filings and court proceedings.

Benefiting from a full-service law firm

Insolvency and restructuring proceedings may involve some corporate or banking law, in addition to litigation aspects. Our lawyers work hand in hand with their colleagues from our Corporate / M&A and Banking & Finance departments to provide you with comprehensive advice on all insolvency or restructuring matters.