Your know-how is the unique added value you bring to the market, your key competitive advantage, so your intellectual property needs strong protection. In a constantly evolving technological environment, your advisers must combine proficiency in new technologies with extensive legal skills to prevent risks and assist if disputes arise.

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Providing strategic advice

IP and IT know-how are particularly precious to any business. They are at the heart of your company’s strategy. You need a legal adviser who understands your goals and provides you with the best answers to your challenges such as the opportunity to register trademarks or file patents. Our team has the necessary skills.

Preventing IP and IT risks

When IT services such as your helpdesk are outsourced, we make sure that the contracts respect your internal policies and the relevant regulations. We can also offer our assistance to guarantee that your trademark or patent filing complies with the legal requirements and will protect your business appropriately.

Assisting in case of litigation

If you have reached a point where litigation has become inevitable, we can defend your interests before the courts and in arbitration proceedings. Our lawyers have the litigation experience to assist you with all IP and IT-related matters.