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18 October 2019 / news

Luxembourg SIFs: the investment vehicle of choice to structure third-party funding activities

Over the past thirty years, third-party dispute funding has experienced an exponential growth in civil and common law jurisdictions. Olivier Marquais explains the benefits of choosing Luxembourg investment vehicles to set up litigation and arbitration third-party funding structures.

First published by The In-House Lawyer magazine (Autumn 2019 edition), this article presents you the basic principles of third-party funding and how the Luxembourg regulation flexibility offers an efficient regulated regime suited for third-party funding. The author highlights the following topics:

  • Third-party funder - procedure and decision
  • Settling the claimant-funder agreement
  • the role of the claimant's counsel in the agreement negotiations
  • Luxembourg, a state-of-the-art regulatory environment
  • the Specialised Investment Funds (SIFs) as a third-party funding vehicle
  • Requirements and examples

You can read and download the full article here.


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