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Non-contentious advice

Even careful and conscientious employers can face employee claims, and when issues arise you need fast responses and timely solutions to difficult employment law questions. Our dedicated lawyers represent and advise you on the full spectrum of labour and employment issues, from day-to-day matters to the most complex and significant organisational decisions.

Advice design to prevent, avoid or manage litigation risks

The law affects every aspect of the employer-employee relationship, from interviewing to termination. For employers, complying with ever-evolving employment laws is challenging. Our team works to help employers prevent or resolve workplace issues. We offer you practical advice and proactive strategies to navigate the often turbulent seas of employee relations issues.

Developing strategic solutions to promote legal compliance and reduce legal risk

Despite best efforts to mitigate risk, there may come a time when employers need representation for employment related matters. We will provide preventative advice to avoid employment disputes, or breaches of employment laws. This is why obtaining specific legal advice from our experts can be an excellent investment in risk management.

What we can help you with

The non-contentious advice we provide is always in alignment with your objectives. It includes:

  • Assignment and expatriation
  • Dismissals and collective redundancies
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Pension
  • Social security
  • Transfer of employees