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Long-term incentive plans

Do you need an action plan combining the retention of your senior executives and giving the employees an investment in the Luxembourg company or the parent company? Implementing a long-term incentive plan can be an answer to your needs. Such a plan can take many forms and requires legal and tax expertise.

Helping you choose the plan that suits your goals

This reward granted to senior executives called long-term incentive plan can take different forms: stock options, restricted shares, restricted shares units, it all depends on your strategy at the time when the shares are to be issued. Our experts can assist you in implementing such a plan.

Defining the conditions to receive such reward

Its name speaks for itself: a long-term incentive plan aims to reward loyalty to the company and/or the group. It can also be allocated to the executive for reaching set performance goals. Our lawyers can advise to ensure your conditions comply with the Luxembourg rules.   

An integrated team for taxation advice

Should the long-term investment plan be taxed as a security option or as an income? Are some deductions applicable? A long-term incentive plan strategy also goes with several taxation concerns. Our employment lawyers collaborate with our tax advisers to provide comprehensive advice on schemes taxation.