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Assignment and expatriation

As an international group, you may have decided to do business in Luxembourg. You have set-up the structure and wish to assign a trusted team member, to run the company locally, but need information on the legal consequences? Our employment & benefits team will assist you.

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Employees seconded to France: a legal utopia?

Defining the competence of each jurisdiction

Depending on the type of assignment, the assigned employee may still refer to the home-country-based company. However, the work being executed elsewhere, the employee may also be bound by the law of the host-country. Our lawyers advise on the competence of each jurisdiction right from the beginning to manage the risks of conflict.

Designing your expatriation policy

By opting for expatriation, you expect a win-win strategy: you send abroad someone who knows the company well and who has the necessary skills. To be successful, the expatriation should not be an arbitrary decision and needs to be framed by a dedicated policy. Our team will help you design it.

A fully integrated team for comprehensive advice

Opting for the assignment of one of your executives can also have social security and tax related consequences. It may even lead to some litigation aspects. Our Luxembourg lawyers provide comprehensive advice on all assignment related matters, thanks to the presence of tax and legal colleagues in all major financial centres.