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Corporate General Advice and Company Secretarial

Your business’ activity is shaped by corporate law related actions: incorporations of entities, approvals of annual accounts, approval of transactions or agreements, contributions and distributions of assets, dissolutions... for which you need continuous legal advice. Our committed corporate team can support and assist you with your day-to-day corporate law matters and company secretarial needs.

People - flash corporate - Luxembourg capital impairment rules - 02 April 2020

Luxembourg capital impairment rules: to be (dissolved) or not to be (dissolved)?

Setting-up and manage your Luxembourg structure

As an international group or investor, you may be attracted by Luxembourg and its dynamic economy and business-friendly environment. What kind of structure would best suit your needs? How to manage it? What are the main points of attention when performing a certain corporate action? Our corporate lawyers can answer all of your questions.

Providing general advice on your day-to-day matters

Our practice includes:

  • Incorporations, mergers, demergers
  • Share capital increases and contributions of assets
  • Dividend distributions
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Conflict of interest analysis
  • Management incentive plans
  • Intragroup financing
  • Corporate approvals
  • Approval of annual accounts
  • Etc.

Our corporate lawyers can help you streamline all your corporate housekeeping matters.

A fully integrated, multidisciplinary and cross-border team

Day-to-day corporate questions often imply tax and other legal aspects. In practice, your business’ issues are hardly purely domestic and require cross-border cooperation. Our Luxembourg lawyers work hand in hand with colleagues from our legal and tax departments across our four home markets and are present across 11 countries through our comprehensive network of foreign representative offices.