Through various events and round-tables taking place over a week in Paris, one of the major hubs for international arbitration, arbitration practitioners will exchange, network and debate on the key topics, issues and developments in the field of international arbitration.  

At this occasion, our arbitration experts Olivier van der Haegen, Hakim Boularbah, Tom Claassens, Bastiaan Kemp, Véronique Hoffeld, Robin Moser, Melle Boevink, Romy Menasalvas Garrones and Olivier Marquais will be hosting on 29 March an interactive round-table with experts from various jurisdictions, debating and sharing their insights on comparative developments regarding emergency arbitration and provisional relief. 

The team is very much looking forward to exchanging expertise and experiences with peers and experts in the field of international arbitration. Through this comparative round-table discussion, they will explore the most acute topics related to emergency arbitration and provisional relief, the benefits and challenges associated with it, and best practices in various jurisdictions


Paris Arbitration Week
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