It’s a fact that cybercrime has been on a rapid rise over the past few years and that cyber incidents can have a huge impact on your business continuity. Therefore, cybersecurity needs to be prioritized by every business regardless of size, type or industry.

What are the prevalent cyber threats? What is their impact on a business, and how can we identify and proactively stop them? What can we learn from recent incidents?  If you are armed with the appropriate tools and knowledge to identify signs of a security incident before they happen, you can prevent a possible data breach that can result in significant damage to businesses’ operations, finances, and reputation.

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Cybersecurity and compliancepopular myths debunked

Shut down your Internet and join our seminar, with Jan Kerkhofs as keynote speaker.

1.30 pm – 2.00 pm: Welcome & registration

2.00 pm – 2.10 pm: Welcome & introduction by Julie Deré / Bert Gevers

2.10 pm – 3.00 pm:  Keynote by Jan Kerkhofs, Federal Magistrate at the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels

3.00 pm – 4.15 pm: Panel discussion 1

Session 1: How to prevent a cyberattack, prepare in advance, and recover from a cybersecurity breach?

  • Jean-Luc Peeters, Head of an operational department of the CCB
  • Wim Barthier, Security Officer at the National Bank of Belgium
  • Jan Van Calster, Managing Director at Marsh BeLux
  • Stéphanie De Smedt, Attorney at law at Loyens & Loeff

4.15 pm – 4.30 pm: coffee break

4.30 pm – 5.45 pm: Panel Discussion 2

Session 2: How to react and respond effectively in case of a cyberattack / cybersecurity breach?

  • Jan Kerkhofs, Federal Magistrate at the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels
  • Karel Demeyer, Computer Forensic Analyst at i-Force
  • Peter de Keyzer, Founding Partner at Growth Inc
  • Clémence Van Muylder, Attorney at law at Loyens & Loeff

5.45 pm: Closing remarks + cocktail