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The intersection between the Automotive and Energy sectors has never been as dynamic and challenging. The European Green Deal and geo-political situation are fuelling the European Energy & Infrastructure space. The Automotive sector is especially subject to the developments, regulations and challenges associated with the Energy transition.

During this session, our Automotive and Energy experts will guide you through the landscape where these major sectors converge. We will shed light on how the developments in the energy sector, such as grid congestion, impact the Automotive sector and how energy-related taxation interacts with this. 

This will include Dutch tax plans for automotive following from the 2023 Budget Day. Our discussions will also extend to broader trends and developments in the energy market that are highly relevant to the Automotive sector, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

For whom is this of interest?

This webinar is particularly relevant for decision-makers and professionals in the Automotive sector and related sectors who are engaged in Energy-related topics, or those involved in the implementation of automotive taxes and subsidies in their product and service offerings.


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