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Is your question of a legal or tax nature, or both? What are the legal consequences of a particular tax structure and vice versa? More and more companies,
financial institutions, governments and individuals are discovering the benefits of customised integrated advice. Read more about what we can do for you in our corporate brochure below.

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The Investment Climate Comparison - brochure

Many MNEs base their operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. For instance by means of European or regional headquarters, a shared service centre, a customer care centre, a distribution and logistics centre or a research & development (R&D) facility. But do you know the main characteristics of these countries?

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Taxation of cross-border investments in and from CEE countries 2018 - brochure

Since the accession of many new countries to the European Union, there has been an increase in the flow of inbound and outbound investments across these new member states. In order to establish a clearer picture of developments in the CEE region, Loyens & Loeff in 2002 created a dedicated team of expert attorneys and tax advisers, each with extensive experience in advising clients on transactions specifically relating to the CEE market. The CEE team has developed and maintained this concise and practical publication so tax practitioners can compare the main features of the tax regimes of our home markets and the most recent members of the European Union. 

You can also download the pdf version.