Loyens & Loeff

Listing of bonds on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Our Capital Markets team provides the full range of listing agency services and can assist you with all the steps of the listing process, from: (i) the drafting of the listing prospectus (in order to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations); and (ii) the preparation and review of the application file; to (iii) the coordination of the prospectus approval/listing application request with the relevant authorities, i.e. the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the Luxembourg Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector) and/or the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (including assistance with any regulatory issues that may arise during the listing process).

Our Capital Markets team also provides advice and assistance in connection with all ongoing reporting and disclosure obligations that may result from the listing and/or admission to trading of securities on one of the markets operated by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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