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Residential Team

The residential market is a distinct market within the real estate market. The residential rental market in particular is governed by a wide range of mandatorily applicable rules and regulations. Moreover, since a couple of years these rules and regulations are subject to a number of changes due to governmental deregulation policy.

The Residential Team advises on all legal and tax aspects which are important for residential investors, both at the time of acquisition or sale of residential properties and during their holding period. We for instance advise on tenancy law, notarial aspects (such as leasehold, division in apartment rights, owners’ associations), administrative law and zoning (zoning plans, building permits), sale processes (both of multiple units and individual units) and rules and regulations with regard to sale by housing corporations of their rental properties. We also advice on ancillary matters such as tax, (cross border) structuring and financing of residential investments.

The Residential Team advises Dutch and foreign institutional investors, other large private residential investors, housing corporations and residential financers.

How we work
The Residential Team collects and shares its specialised knowledge and actively responds to the needs of clients and changes in legislation. To do so, we continuously tailor existing legal service products, develop new ones and work these out into easily applicable solutions.