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12 February 2019 / press release

M. de Wilde appointed as Prof. of International and European Tax Law

Amsterdam, 12 February 2019 - Maarten de Wilde, tax specialist and know-how adviser at Loyens & Loeff, has been appointed full Professor of International and European Tax Law at the Erasmus School of Law.

Belgian Corporate Income Tax Reform 2018 / 2020

International and European tax law is important for national law, in particular for corporate income tax, dividend tax and income tax. De Wilde's research theme is the effect of EU law and international and European (tax) law on the income and profit tax systems of countries. This is part of the research program Fiscal autonomy and its limits.

In addition, the board of Erasmus School of Law has asked De Wilde - as a nationally and internationally recognized scientist with connecting ability - for further substantiation of the academic leadership of the Tax Law section.