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06 April 2020 / article

Whistleblowers victims of reporting alleged wrongdoing

Following a long-term investigation, the House of Whistleblowers concludes that two whistleblowers who reported to a Dutch company, part of an international group of companies, that the company violated procurement rules, are treated unfairly and are currently at home as a result of that report.

The House of Whistleblowers only investigated how the whistleblowers were treated and whether they were unfairly harmed as a result of having blown the whistle. The House of Whistleblowers did not investigate the alleged violation of the procurement rules.

The company tried to dismiss the two whistleblowers after their report by declaring them redundant. The UWV refused the request for dismissal, but no adequate position could be found for them.

The investigation report shows that the whistleblowers had a legitimate suspicion of ‘abuse that carried social importance' and argues that they made their concerns properly known. The handling of the report by the company was too slow, incomplete and not transparent. In addition, there was also a lack of feedback form the company towards the employees. According to the House, there is a direct link between the whistleblowers' report and their treatment. The House is therefore of the opinion that the two whistleblowers were treated wrongly as a result of their reportings.

The press release and full report of the House of Whistleblowers can be consulted here (Dutch only).

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