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13 October 2021 / news

Shareholder activism: Minority rights and shareholder lawsuits – Episode 3 of 5

In the Loyens & Loeff Switzerland podcast series “Let’s talk legal”, we provide succinct insights into key Swiss legal issues and developments. In five episodes, we talk about the main aspects of the Swiss corporate law reform. After being in the making for almost 20 years, the corporate law reform touches a wide area of topics.


In this third episode, Lara Pafumi and Valérie Schrämli will talk about changes to minority rights and shareholder lawsuits potentially affecting shareholder activism in Switzerland in the future:

  • 01:30 Introduction
  • 02:48 Threshold requirements for minority rights
  • 04:19 Removal of auditor
  • 05:45: Information rights
  • 07:29: Shareholder lawsuits
  • 08:35 Action for restitution
  • 09:42 Personal liability action
  • 11:18 Voting rights action
  • 12:11 Action for dissolution
  • 13:35 Summary

Don’t miss out the latest updates and have a listen!


Do you want to get more information about the Swiss corporate law reform? Click here or contact Valerie Schraemli directly.



Although this podcast has been compiled with great care, Loyens & Loeff Switzerland LLC and all other entities, partnerships, persons and practices trading under the name ‘Loyens & Loeff’, cannot accept any liability for the consequences of making use of this issue without their cooperation. The information provided is intended as general information and cannot be regarded as advice.

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