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05 September 2018 / news

ACM gets up to speed with its digital agenda

Several publications from the past months suggest that competition in the digital sector will come under increased scrutiny of the ACM in the years to come.

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Of particular concern to the ACM appears to be the possibility that possession of large quantities of variable data may lead to market power or even dominance. The Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs shares this concern and has urged the ACM to set up a dedicated team to deal with matters relating to digital competition (9 January 2018).

In Het Signaal’ for 2018, an annual publication of the ACM in which it draws attention to social developments and policy issues that are important for its enforcement policy in the coming year, the ACM has given the digital economy a prominent spot on its agenda. The ACM believes that digitisation can offer great opportunities for consumers and businesses, but can also entail risks of abuse of market power or adverse effects through the use of advanced software in websites. In view of the rapid developments and the complexity of these digitisation issues, the ACM appeals on politicians and calls on everyone - legislators, policy makers, market participants and other regulators - to make their contribution to limiting the risks of digitisation, to explore the opportunities and to feed the public debate.


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