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25 May 2019 / news

Overview GDPR fines

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the much anticipated implementation date of the General Data Protection Regulation. This begs the question; what notable fines have fallen? But also, what are the trends that we are seeing and what developments do we foresee in the Netherlands? Read our infographic for some answers!

What is the impact of automatic information exchange under the MLI (TIEAs)

Schrems II, the day after

What actions do you need to take with regard to your international data transfers? read more
Schrems II zaak

Privacy shield out, fortunately we still have the model contracts

Schrems has done it again - After having successfully dismantled the Safe Harbor mechanism read more

Class actions for breaches of the GDPR

Since the GDPR entered into force, there has been ample attention for regulatory enforcement and high fines. read more