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29 March 2021 / news

Loyens & Loeff signs new statement of ambition for a greener business district

Amsterdam, 29 March 2021 - As a founding partner of the Green Business Club (GBC) Amsterdam Zuidas, Loyens & Loeff has been working for the past decade to create a more sustainable business district. With GBC Zuidas’s new statement of ambition, the club is now setting out a path towards a smarter, cleaner and greener 2025.

Ambition declaration GBC

In 2011, Loyens & Loeff joined with neighbouring businesses in Amsterdam’s Zuidas financial district to form the Green Business Club Amsterdam Zuidas. The group’s members, which include ABN AMRO, ORAM and the City of Amsterdam, share a vision of lowering their carbon footprint, applying new green technologies and safeguarding the Zuidas for future generations. Now, GBC Zuidas looks back on ten years of innovative projects that reduce waste, conserve resources and make the Zuidas a more pleasant, vibrant place to do business. Yet there is still more work to be done. That’s why the club’s 55 member organisations are marking its ten-year anniversary with a new statement of ambition that strengthens their commitment to sustainable business in the years ahead.

The path to 2025

By signing the new statement of ambition (only in Dutch available), Loyens & Loeff embraces bolder measures for conserving energy and protecting the environment. The new ambitions build upon GBC Zuidas’s past successes and set new sustainability targets in four key areas:

  • Energy
  • Mobility & logistics
  • Water & nature
  • Waste & circularity

In terms of energy conservation, the GBC Zuidas has adopted an ambitious plan to fully phase out natural gas by 2025. Members have also agreed to a 2025 deadline for creating a plan for complete energy neutrality by 2030, setting them decades ahead of energy neutrality goals set by organisations like the UN. The club is also redoubling its efforts to promote carbon-free mobility. This includes encouraging the use of electric vehicles and other emissions-free transportation and logistics options.

A green roof over Amsterdam

While Loyens & Loeff and its fellow GBC Zuidas members will be working behind the scenes to enact even greener company policies leading up to 2025, the new statement of ambition will also have a very visible impact on the business district. Under the new plan, an additional 25,000 square metres of water-conserving green roofs will appear on existing office buildings in the district over the next four years. The members will also develop an ecological scan to apply to at least 75% of their buildings. The new statement of ambition envisions turning the Zuidas into an urban oasis of biodiversity, including new plans to greenify the district and create safe habitats for birds, bats and other local wildlife.

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