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27 April 2018 / news

GDPR - surround yourself adequately: the key to success

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply uniformly to the member states of the European Union. As the deadline is approaching fast, much has already been written on the subject, and many seminars, training and conferences have been held both for and by the private and public sector.

Data protection & Privacy Update - February 2018

Get to know more on the consequences of GDPR and why it is so important to be supported by experts to avoid misunderstandings, mistakes or breaches in this article published in Paperjam.

VAT: Secondment of staff by a parent company

The CJEU confirmed that secondment of staff against a strict reimbursement of associated costs is subject to VAT. read more

GDPR fines in Luxembourg: prepare for an on-site investigation

This article provides you with the key issues to consider during and after an investigation. read more
Tax (LU)

Business Continuity Statement

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