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12 February 2018 / news

Financial Regulatory News Updates January 2018


The Financial Regulatory News Updates: an overview in which our Banking and Finance Practice Group highlights:

  • Loyens & Loeff publications which may be of interest to you;
  • Legislative dates for your diary;
  • Recent financial regulatory developments.

Loyens & Loeff publications

Administrative warning: Conclusion in Council of State Court Case
In administrative law enforcement procedures the question regularly arises whether a warning may be qualified as a decision (besluit) against which appeal is possible. An actual administrative penalty is often preceded by such a warning. Attorney General Widdershoven provided his opinion on this question in a conclusion dated 24 January 2018.

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Update: implementation UBO-register in the Netherlands
On 31 January 2018 the Dutch government took another step forward in the process of implementing a Dutch UBO-register; a register containing the details of the individuals that are the ‘ultimate beneficial owners’ (UBOs) of legal entities in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Finance published a draft decree that provides further details on the definition of a UBO.

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Listing without trading – The Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s Securities Official List
The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) has recently launched its Securities Official List (SOL), a dedicated section of the LuxSE’s official list. It enables issuers to admit their securities to the official list of the LuxSE without requiring such securities to be at the same time admitted to trading on one of its markets (i.e., the regulated market Bourse de Luxembourg or the Euro MTF). The SOL is specifically targeting issuers looking for visibility and a listing of their securities on an recognised official list only and for whom admission to trading is not a prerequisite.

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Data Protection & Privacy
For updates on the GDPR, please visit the GDPR webpage of the Loyens & Loeff Data Protection and Privacy Team:

GDPR webpage

FinTech Team – BankBits
The Loyens & Loeff FinTech Team has its own page on LinkedIn. We invite you to take a look at the BankBits, short news items relevant for financial institutions. Here we regularly post news items relevant for the financial institution sector called ‘BankBits’.


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Legislative dates for your diary

  • MiFID II to be applied in EU member states, see article 93 MiFID II and article 1 (7) 32016L1034: 03.01.2018
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on requirements for home-host cooperation under PSD2, deadline 05.01.2018, (Click here)
  • EIOPA consultation: EIOPA consults on a second set of Advice for the Review of the Solvency Capital Requirements, deadline 05.01.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Wetsvoorstel wijziging crediteurenhierarchie banken, deadline 09.01.2018, (Click here)
  • ECB consultation: New euro unsecured overnight interest rate, deadline 12.01.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Wijzigingsbesluit financiële markten 2018, deadline 14.01.2018, (Click here)
  • EC consultation: Public consultation on institutional investors and asset managers' duties regarding sustainability, deadline 22.01.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Ontwerpbesluit transparant toezicht financiële markten, deadline 28.01.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA launches consultations to strengthen the Pillar 2 framework, deadline 31.01.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on amended technical standards on benchmarking of internal models, deadline 31.01.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Regeling implementatie richtlijn verzekeringsdistributie, deadline 01.02.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Regeling tot wijziging van de vrijstellingsregeling Wft in verband met het vrijstellen van het verlenen van uitstel van betaling, deadline 01.02.2018, (Click here)
  • ESMA consultation: ESMA consults on potential CFD and binary options measures to protect retail investors, deadline 05.02.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA launches consultation on technical standards specifying the methods of prudential consolidation, deadline 09.02.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Wijzigingswet financiële markten 2019, deadline 16.02.2018, (Click here)
  • EC consultation: Public consultation on building a proportionate regulatory environment to support SME listing deadline 26.02.2018, (Click here)
  • EC consultation: Public consultation on fitness check on supervisory reporting, deadline 28.02.108, (Click here)
  • ESMA consultation: on CCP anti-procyclicality margin measures, deadline 28.02.2018, (Click here)
  • Dutch legislative consultation: Uitvoeringsbesluit Wwft 2018, deadline 28.02.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on the homogeneity of underlying exposures in securitization, deadline 15.03.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA consults on draft Technical Standards on risk retention for securitisation transactions, deadline 15.03.2018, (Click here)
  • EBA consultation: EBA publishes Discussion Paper on EU implementation of the revised market and counterparty credit risk frameworks, deadline 15.03.2018, (Click here)
  • ESMA consultation: ESMA consults on securitisation requirements, deadline 18.03.2018, (Click here)

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Recent financial regulatory developments

Please read the overview of recent developments below or download the pdf version.


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Should you require any assistance in the field of Financial Regulatory, please contact your trusted adviser of our Financial Regulatory Team.

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